Through State Nomination to Permanent Residency

Arrival in Australia

Dominic arrived in May 2015 on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia looking forward to a year of travel and working in a different country. He enjoyed his time in Australia so much that he did his farm work to qualify for another working holiday visa. During his second year in Australia he started looking into his options to stay as he didn’t want to leave the country he enjoyed living and working in. Originally from Germany he enjoyed the lifestyle Australia has to offer including the sunshine and warm weather.

Contact to Friederike

He contacted Friederike Kuehn from Your Migration Network in October 2016 to find out his options of staying permanently in Australia. As a qualified and experienced Mechatronic Technician, he met the criteria for several permanent and temporary visas. To receive an invitation for a subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa) he would have needed additional points through an English Test to gain these. His awarded points for his age, qualification and work experience weren’t enough. We finally decided that the path of a subclass 190 (State Nominated Visa) was the way to go for him as his English was already at a very high level (proficient).

Australian life

He has been living and working in Byron Bay and enjoyed the laidback lifestyle of the little town in NSW. The location offered everything he was looking for, beautiful surf beaches and a community he was enjoying being part of. To ensure his application had the best chance of a positive outcome, the decision to use a registered migration agent was an easy one. The constant changes of immigration law and the different visa subclasses can be very confusing to deal with.

He decided to use Your Migration Network with Friederike Kuehn as his Registered Migration Agent as he wanted a personalised service. Given we are based in Brisbane and he was living in Byron it was a good fit.

The visa application

The application for Dominic was one like you read about in the books. From the positive outcome of his skills assessment to the visa application itself. It took two weeks after lodging the EOI (Expression of Interest) to receive a nomination from NSW. 10 days later NSW approved his nomination and we received an invitation to apply for the subclass 190 visa in March 2017.

In April we received the request to provide the health and character checks and the visa was finally granted in September 2017. Dominic was offshore when his Skilled Nominated subclass 190 Visa was granted, but he has been given enough time to make his entry to Australia and activate his permanent visa. He plans to remain in Australia and to apply for Australian Citizenship as soon as possible.

“Thank you so much for making my dream come true!!!”

Contact me if you are interested in your options to apply for Permanent Residency. Through a visa assessment I can check your eligibility for a permanent visa for Australia and maybe you can be the next person settling in Australia on a Skilled Nominated Visa.